Recording Session


  • High-Quality Vocal Recording Using The Manley Reference Microphone

  • Includes 3 Hour Recording Session

  • Get A Pre-Mixed MP3 Same Day 

  • Full Mixdown and Mastering of Track Within 7-Days

  • Clean Edited Version For Radio Included (Optional)

  • After 3 Hours, Artist will be charged $30/Hr

  • ***Artist MUST Have Lyrics and Instrumental Ready Prior To Session***



  • Custom Beat Produced For Artist (Up to 4 hours)

  • Vibe In Studio Or Via Video Chat With Joe Diamondz Creating Your Beat from Scratch

  • Recording Session For Vocals Included (Same day or reschedule)

  • Pre-Mix + Post-Mixing Included

  • Mastered HD WAV Of Song & Beat/Instrumental 

  • Exclusive Rights To The Beat; Make Unlimited Sales, Streams, Shows, and usage for Radio/Movies/Shows/Video Game

  • (Must give credit "Prod. By Joe Diamondz")

Music Video Shoot

Starting at $500 

  • Package Your Song With A Professional Music Video Shot by Our Camera Team

  • We Use The Ronin-M Gimbal Stabilizer To Give Your Music Video The Smoothest Most High-Quality Shots

  • Collaborative Story-Board Creation With Artist To Prepare For Best Shoot

  • 15-30sec Promo Video Trailer

  • Post Video Editing Included

  • Shot in 2-3 Locations Max

  • ***Any Extra Requests For Videos Such As Models, Sportscar Rentals, Specific Location Rental, Extra Camera Equipment etc Are All Additional Charges***

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